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Why Use ColorBandit To Photograph YOUR Real Estate Listing?
What costs more… investing in great photos up front or cutting a few thousand off the selling price because traffic never materialized?

A proven professional real estate photographer may be your most important marketing resource.

Your listing photos are often the first
and only impression you make on a majority of internet shoppers.
Professional photography enhances the perceived value of a property and adds clicks and traffic to your listing.

World-class architectural photographers use natural light photography.  While HDR and ‘Photoshopping’ have a place in limited situations, these techniques often add false, oversaturated colors and fuzzy focus to the image. Paul uses single-exposure, natural light photography to create tack-sharp, natural color photographs. The property the buyers came to see will match the photos that first caught their eye.
  Paul offers business certainty, he’s not a variable. The same experienced expert photographs your property every time. You’ll never wonder who the high-turnover local franchise is going to send. Your photographer is not some stranger who just bought a new camera. With Paul, your agency will present a consistent, high-end look and feel from listing to listing.
Paul is a motivated fanatic regarding customer service. He listens, performs and delivers what you want the first time, on time, every time. Paul encourages direct contact with him using phone, text and/or email. He doesn’t require you to engage through confusing web portals and on-line shopping carts.

Seller requirements can change with little or no warning.  Paul’s flexibility working with your schedule, with changing weather and high customer expectations is unmatched.
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